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the "invisible currents" paragraph is stunning, thank you for sharing this

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I came across this piece after searching on "DMT void" because that is what I had experienced on n-n DMT (not 5MEO) and I wanted to know if that was the accepted terminology for what I had experienced. Exactly as you describe: "Absolute Nothing". No ego, no body, no me, no world, no anybody, no universe. No nothing.

I am so thankful for you reminding me that I really don't want to go there again.

You have another piece on sleep paralysis. I suffer "exploding head syndrome" which is similarly ghastly ("the devil's doorbell" I call it). The first time it happened I thought "OK, I can handle this. The experienced psychonaut knows to let go." But what came when I let go was no LSD bliss. Convulsions and horror, and eventually I managed to pull myself out of it and wake up. This is how I have handled it ever since - as soon as the signature sound heralds the arrival I force myself awake, go to the bathroom (even if I don't need to) and then back to sleep, usually undisturbed. About three times a week for maybe five years now. It's a contest I know I can't win.

Coming back to the DMT (or 5MEO) void experience. Again I knew to let go, and again what I got was not the LSD bliss. When I let go on LSD (other circumstances being gracious) I experience the classical merging with the universe, enveloping the world and everything in it, 'being' in the fullest sense of the word. The DMT void is non-being in its fullest sense.

I'm in my mid 70's and have a lot more to say on these subjects. If you are interested I will post an email address.

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